During another very average day in lockdown, we came to the conclusion that the sauces we were buying in the shops weren’t quite cutting it. We wanted deep flavours, banging ingredients, and to know exactly what was in the bottle.


15 minutes and a few beers later, and the idea was born. 


We cooked up a small batch of our fire twist to the standard household ketchup and knew that we were onto something. We decided to make a few more flavours and soon had three favourites. We took every chance we could get to put our sauce on the table of friends and colleagues and very quickly SAUCD. became a reality.


Flash forward and we’ve perfected those sauces, focussing on handcrafted, naturally fermented ingredients made in SAUCD. HQ. The aim is to bring you the complex flavours we love in everyday sauces…we want you to put them on everything.  We cook, bottle, label and pack every single product ourselves in Bristol and hope you love what we’ve created as much as we do.


Get SAUCD with us, you won’t regret it.


Ben, Dave and Joe

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